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Trial of Galileo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Trial of Galileo - Essay Example He started studying for priesthood, but the scientific inkling in him did not allow him to become a priest. He left the course and instead joined a medical degree course at the University of Pisa. But he could never complete the degree and instead started studying mathematics with Ostilio Ricci, the mathematician of the Tuscan court. The genius in him kept bubbling with enthusiasm and at the age of nineteen Galileo had discovered isochronism principle of the pendulum. He got the inspiration while watching the oscillations of a lamp in the cathedral of Pisa. He propounded that pendulums of equal length had constant oscillation periods, i.e. the oscillations are isochronous regardless of the amplitude of the oscillation. He also visited the mathematician Christopher Clavius in Rome and started a correspondence with Guildobaldo del Monte. At the age of he invented the hydrostatic balance, which he described as an accurate balance for weighing things in air and water, which was a common method for weighing precious metals like gold during those days. He was offered a lectureship, at the University of Pisa when he was barely 25 yrs and subsequently Galileo successfully earned a name for himself as a renowned scientist and an excellent lecturer. He also obtained the chair of mathematics at the University of Padua in 1592. ... the heliocentric, or Sun-centered, system theory stating that the 'Sun is at the center of the universe, and that the Earth, spinning on its axis once daily, revolves yearly around the Sun'. Before this, astronomers believed in Ptolemy's geocentric universe theory, in which the Earth was told to be motionless at the center of several rotating spheres. Therefore there was widespread condemnation of Copernicus theory. But Galileo was the most vociferous supporter of Copernicus. Galileo became an ardent supporter of Copernicus theory when he discovered the Telescope and himself observed the sky. In 1609, Galileo set the telescope in his garden to see the Milky Way, the sky, the mountains and the valleys on the moon. In fact he was the first one to observe the moons of Jupiter and discuss the mountains on the moon. Galileo is also credited with determining the parabolic path of projectiles and calculated the law of free fall on the basis of experiments. And he started believing firmly in the theory put forward by Copernicus. He called upon people to come forward and see it themselves the composition of the celestial system around earth, but he was quite disappointed by the way people reacted to the theory of Copernicus. He expressed his anguish in a letter sent to Kepler in 1610. He wrote1, "My dear Kepler, what would you say of the learned here, who, replete with the pertinacity of the asp, have steadfastly refused to cast a glance through the telescope What shall we make of this Shall we laugh, or shall we cry" It became clear that the Copernican theory had its enemies." Based on his encounters with stars through telescope, in 1610 he published 'The Starry Messenger; and thereafter accepted a position as Mathematician and Philosopher to the Grand Duke of Tuscany

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Should there be legislation for equal pay be for both men and women in Research Paper

Should there be legislation for equal pay be for both men and women in the same job - Research Paper Example These encompass long held theories regarding the female gender, sex discrimination and in some occasions hypotheses regarding women’s incompetence (Coolidge 9). However, the female gender has waged defense the on basis of huge their labor that goes unpaid and unnoticed besides meager remuneration in their respective workplace (Coolidge 9). Studies contend an average female loses an approximate $420,000 in her life (Coolidge 9). This does not comprise unrecognized household chores and childbearing matter that has prompted women to lag behind in their careers (Coolidge 9). A. Women ought to receive similar remuneration considerations with men (Coolidge 9). This is regardless of either former or present notions, which corporations, states’ regimes, men and society may be holding against them. Since, their contribution is similar to that of men except in various situations whereby nature exempts them from being active, for instance pregnancy. B. There should be no equal rem uneration amid the two genders. This is due to unequal contribution in the same job capacity despite the two genders having the same education or expertise. Mainly, women tend to be slow, reluctant, and not ambitious besides in certain situations excepting themselves due to pregnancy or other varied issues. II. Unequal remuneration amid the genders up to date is still evident (Drinan 18). This is regardless of numerous Acts instituted and implemented with an intention of ending gender disparity (Drinan 18). Since, the respective authorities lack effective measures meant to make adequate follow ups, mostly evident with transition of numerous regimes. For illustration, after President Carter instituting the 1980’s Act, both the following leaders failed to ratify it except Bill Clinton who gave it a light implementation, hence offering insignificant contribution in ending gender disparity (Drinan 18). Consequently, studies reveal that an average woman losses approximately $420,0 00 in her lifetime (Coolidge 9). This continues to widen both sexes’ pay gap regardless of the developing states boasting about their stable economies (O'Beirne 29). However, other arguments contend that, there are women who earn more compared to men especially in the challenging fields, for illustration engineering. Therefore, those claiming to earn little usually venture in the less paying jobs, which entail consistency to the extent female gender cannot keep up due to their inevitable natural exemptions (childbearing issues) (Coolidge 9). In addition, Britain studies reveal a decrease in the pay gap between men and women despite unproductive measures meant to ensure adequate follow-ups (Gavin 12). However, this trend is extremely slow due to wages’ stagnation especially by the low-income earners (Gavin 12). III. Women’s remuneration should equal the task(s) mandated to undertake in their respective areas because this ensures gender equality among the employee s (Kiama). A. Equal pay aids corporations in avoiding gender inequality, which according studies is the leading â€Å"dissatisfier'† in the workplace (Kiama). 1. Approximately 48% people contended that, unfairness especially in the workplace yields to employees’ demoralization. This is regardless of other varied aspects instituted by the employer to ensure good working environment (Kiama). 2. The 2010 (CIPD)’