Monday, March 2, 2020

6 Ways Nurses Can Stay Healthy During Flu Season

6 Ways Nurses Can Stay Healthy During Flu Season Chances are, the hospital or facility you work at requires you to get your flu shot. But sometimes even that is not enough. Here are 6 more preventative measures you can take to protect yourself from getting sick this season. 1. Treat Your Body Like a TempleJunk food is not your friend. Red Bull and french fries and Snickers bars might get you through a shift, but they won’t get you through flu season. Try and eat healthier (and make sure to include fruits and vegetables!) so your body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight things off. And stay hydrated!2. Get Some SleepYou’re working overtime and the time off you do have is full of holiday activity. Make sure to rest as much and as well as you can so you don’t have to lose work time or play time.3. Be Travel SmartStay hydrated and boost your vitamin intake. Carry Airborne or Zicam or Emergen-C and a packet of sanitizing wipes on planes and trains and buses so you don’t pick up any germs.4. Be Vi gilantStart to get a sniffle or a sneeze? Feel a little achy? Stop what you’re doing and take care of yourself. Take your vitamins, get some rest, drink lots of fluids. Use hand sanitizer often. Get a humidifier. If you’re proactive enough, you can head the flu off at the start.5. Get CleanClean your kitchen and bathroom regularly. But don’t forget to also sanatize the things you carry with you, like your cell phone or your keys. A few disinfectant wipes will do a lot of good in fending off the army of germs. And if you do get sick, remember to change your toothbrush.6. Be an EnforcerYou’re a nurse, so you’re a hand washing and sanitizing pro. But the rest of your family probably isn’t. Get on your soapbox and make sure everyone you love is following the same guidelines. No sick people preparing food! Use tissues to sneeze! Wash hands after coughing! Protect your loved ones and protect yourself.

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